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Welcome to the world of the Sky Riders

In an isolated city, surrounded by a ring of mountains, there is an ancient law. It says any girl who dares to climb the sheer cliffs, and survives, has proved she’s strong enough to begin the training to become a Sky Rider.
Would you make the climb?

The story of

Kerry Law

Kerry Law grew up reading Tolkien and David Eddings, and has never looked back. A love of the past took her to the University of St Andrews where she did an MA in Medieval History. During her degree she learnt all about castles, but her imagination had to fill in the dragons.

The Sparks Series is Kerry’s debut YA Fantasy series about dragons and the incredible young women who ride them.

Kerry lives with her husband, and cat, in a small town in the Scottish Borders where there are more trees than people.

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Her determination was what she clung to every time the terror of what she was doing washed over her. Up and up she scrambled, and the deadly drop beneath her grew and grew.

The Sky Riders Book 1