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The Sparks Series Book 1

“The Sky Riders was a fantastic read” – reader review

“I loved the main character Aimee Wood and her adventures which kept me gripped all the way through from beginning to end” – reader review

What would you risk for a new life? This is the unforgettable story of a misfit and her dragon.

It’s not easy being different, and no one knows that better than Aimee Wood. Born with patches of colourless, pigment-free skin she’s been an outcast all her life. Now with her only refuge stripped away she’s desperate. Maybe even desperate enough to risk the little she has left.

The mountains surrounding the city of Kierell are home to the Sky Riders—a select cadre of female warriors who, with their bonded dragons, protect the city. The price of admission is to survive the deadly climb from Kierell. But that’s only the beginning.

Aimee could forge a new life with the Sky Riders, but even fabled warriors have prejudices, and starting over isn’t easy.

If Aimee can become a Sky Rider she might just be able to find a place to belong, even if that place is on the front line. With Kierell facing increasing peril, and Aimee’s future in the balance, she’ll need to rise above a lifetime of abuse and accept herself, or it could all be for nothing.

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The Sparks Series Book 2

“The second Sky Riders novel picks up right where the first left off with lots of fun and fast-paced adventure. I loved it!” – reader review

Being a hero should have been a turning point for Aimee, but things have gotten a whole lot worse.

A deadly army of Empty Warriors is racing towards the city of Kierell. But defying her leader has led to Aimee being banished from the front line. Desperate to help, she uncovers a secret map created by the immortal Kyelli, founder of the Sky Riders and missing for over a century.

With the city threatened and tensions rising, Aimee and her one-time bully, Nathine, set out with their dragons on the trail of Kyelli—the one person who might be able to defeat the approaching army. They must race to unravel a puzzle laid down hundreds of years ago, but Aimee is opposed at every turn by cryptic clues and forgotten truths.

Time is running out and Aimee will need to use all her hard-won confidence to stand a chance of saving her home.

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The Sparks Series Book 3

“Twists and turns left me guessing the outcome right to the end!” – reader review

It’s time for a new plan—kill an immortal, stop an army, save a city, and maybe find love.

Just when it seemed her part in protecting Kierell was over, Aimee and Jess have been thrust right back into the action. Burdened with a power no human has held before, she’s the only one who can kill the shadowy Master of Sparks. But all power has a cost and this one might be taking more from Aimee than she has to give.

With the Sky Riders outnumbered it’s only a matter of time until the Empty Warriors destroy Kierell. Aimee has even less time to learn to use her new powers, avoid accidentally killing any of her friends, and find the Master of Sparks before there’s nothing left to save.

Navigating a city under siege, Aimee will have to fight for her friends whilst hunting a powerful enemy intent on her destruction. But when winning might cost her life, she’ll need to back herself against all the odds and every enemy.

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The Sparks Series Book 4 – Available from 10 May

Five years after the Battle for Kierell, the Sky Riders are betrayed by one of their own.

Elka Haggaur knows that she can be more than a pretty face, if only she’s given the chance to prove it. Earning the respect of her brothers is all she’s ever wanted and becoming a Sky Rider might be the way to do it. But living up to her family’s expectations will require huge sacrifices. And the struggle to find her own path will twist her loyalties to breaking point.

After living as a Sky Rider for two years Elka flees Kierell with a stolen artifact. She and her dragon return to her home in the city of Taumerg but little does she realise the danger she has brought with her. While being pursued by Aimee, Nathine and Pelathina, Elka uncovers her brothers’ true intentions, and begins to understand the evil she has unleashed.

With time running out to save herself and her dragon, Elka faces an impossible choice—betray the Riders she has grown to love, or betray her own kin?